Sign & Logo Design

At Carolina Sign & Service, LLC we have our designers who will create your custom logos for you with your specifications.  Our designers will create a logo which will enhance the visibility of your business.  A great logo is recognizable on any form of media, from your letterhead to your signage and will be recognizable to future customers to identify and relate to your services or products.  A logo says so much about your business.

We will provide you with custom, quality and unique designs that will make you stand out in your field. We can recreate any Logo or ideogram, from the most popular to the most unknown to save you money.

From Wikipedia

Today there are many coroporations, products, services, agencies & other entities using an ideogram (sign, icon) or an emblem (symbol) or a combination of sign and emblem as a logo.  As a result, only a few of the thousands of ideograms people see are recognized without a name.  it is sensible to use an ideogram as a logo, even with the name, if people will not duly identify it.  Currently, the usage of both images (deograms) and the company name (logotype) to emphasize the name instead of the supporting graphic portion, making it unique by its letters, color and additional graphic elements.