Our philosophy has and always will be to build letters and signage with the same “quality” we learned 25 years ago.  In today’s economy the sign business as a whole has dropped the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship to be more competitive in pricing.  Where our competitors now use machines to build letters with cheaper materials; we at Carolina Sign & Service, LLC use the same materials to manufacture those signs as they did before those machines were built.

Carolina Sign & Service, LLC is UL Approved & listed and our letters consist of .080 to .050 Aluminum, router cut backs and faces to assure precision letters.  We hand wrap the letter returns (sides) and spot weld the backs to the returns and then caulk the insides to prevent moisture from getting inside.  The faces of our letters are all made from 3/16″ Plexiglas or acrylic.  We use only US LED’s in our letters.  All products used to manufacture our letters are UL Approved & Listed.  Our channel letters are built to last a lifetime at a very competitive price.


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Below are some diagrams to help you with the type of Letters you may need.